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Fitness Trends: High Intensity Interval Training

Fitness trends may come and go, with machines and gizmos to help you lose weight, gain muscle or a combination of both. But one fitness type that has emerged—and will stick around according to an American College of Sports Medicine international fitness professional survey—is High Impact Intensity Training. Relying on intense periods of challenging activity […]

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CT8: Revolutionizing Functional and Customizable Fitness Equipment

Spring is great time to recalibrate exercise goals. This time of year often reinvigorates those who are excited about the chance to take their calorie burning and muscle building back outdoors after spending the colder months working out indoors. Enter TuffStuff’s CT-8 Training system. This high-quality tubular steel adult version of a jungle gym brings […]

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Music and Exercise: Fitness at Full Blast

As far back as 1911, research determined that music and exercise were linked. But you could look back centuries to discover that many civilizations already understood the motivational effect of music on physical activity. Whether it motivates, detracts or inspires, music has become an integral part of a fitness routine. Losing yourself in the music […]

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The Treadmill and How to Test your Resolve

As the holiday season reaches its annual fever pitch, and the threat of numerous family dinners, leftovers and significant couch time in front of a fire or screen (or both!), now is as good a time as any to start planning for your yearly resolution. And what better way than to explore the world’s favorite […]

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