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Senior exercising

Senior Exercise: The Agelessness of Fitness

The benefits of exercise are undeniable. At every age. And this isn’t something that becomes increasingly more important with age to help with age-related ailments. Active seniors make for healthier seniors. A fact that is not lost on aging baby boomers, who find themselves in worse physical condition than their parents at the same age. […]

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Man checking a fitness app on his device

App And At ‘Em: 18 Fabulous Fitness Apps for 2018

Applications (or “Apps” for brevity) seem to get flipped out quicker than Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners. And it’s no different in the health and fitness space either. You might be one who is completely happy with the original version of an exercise app (that has undergone 10 updates) or someone who is simply battered into not […]

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Man crawls mud Obstacle Course Race

Hurdling Boring Exercises: Obstacle Course Races and Training For Them

“Obstacle courses” can be traced back to Ancient Greece and the pentathlon. The multidisciplined nature of the five events required a more rounded type of exercise, equipment, and training. Since the inception of American Ninja Warrior (or Sasuke as the competition’s originator, Japan, knows it), this type of competition has become a national industry in […]

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Man exercising using a sandbag

Getting “Farm Strong”: Functional Strength and Endurance

There is a real nostalgia around agriculture. The hard day’s work where honest toil doubles for natural conditioning. For many exercisers, it embodies the hard-to-replicate au natural workout where exercise equipment is everyday work implements. Farming, even with the advent of mechanization and technological advancements, is still a physically demanding job. Most of the “workouts” […]

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