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Working Out Without Having to Leave Work

We look at four different lunchtime workouts that you can do in the relative comfort of your own office without the need for fitness equipment.

Office Fitness Solutions

Office Fitness Solutions

Lunchtime workouts can be the perfect foil to your stressful morning in the office as well as the perfect solution to having to trade in sleep for fitness before work. The midday steam release is good way to burn calories, loosen up and energize for the remainder of the daily grind.

Getting to our gym or having the time to hear the comforting clink of weights or soothing electronic hum of your favorite fitness equipment isn’t always possible. But fear not, leaving the office to get your fitness on needn’t be a necessity.

According to some sources, all you need is 30 minutes and an ironclad commitment (as some of the exercises might give your colleagues a good laugh) to get the benefits of exercise.

Walking. Thirty minutes around the office on the heel-toe express is a great way to get some exercise. If you want to step it up a notch, no pun intended, hit the stairs. Depending on how sweaty, or not, you want to get, judge the distance (or flights) and then pace it to get your desired heart rate.

The Washington Post offered a series of 12 expert-recommended, at-the-office workout  techniques that they rate for difficulty, sweat factor and the humiliation factor should someone pop their hair into your cubicle and catch you on the eighteenth rep of your “the Hulk” set.

Ranging from the “Hallelujah” to the good old fashioned desk push up, the site gives a great comprehensive breakdown of each exercise and how to perform it.

Discovery Fit and Health came up with a cleverly-named list of ten exercises that are designed for those professionals who are looking to get their noontime calisthenics without notice from nosy office mates.

Refinery 29 offers a technicolor insight into a set of seven sans fitness equipment Desk Exercises that they promise will not alert your activities to HR.

The website AskMen also gives a set up of five “effective and fun” office exercises that, while not quite as animated as some of the other sites, will help you to feel and look like you put in a full day at the office.

At enerG Wellness Solutions, our mission is to energize, educate and problem-solve for our customers. Regardless of whether or not you have access to fitness equipment, maintaining your workout routine is an integral part of overall fitness and finding an opportunity to exercise between trips to your primary gym is essential.

As a leading fitness partner in the fitness experience, we design, equip and maintain unique fitness facilities and the equipment throughout the Mid-Atlantic. So if you are looking to create your own corporate fitness center that doesn’t involve your desk, contact one of our trained equipment experts for your FREE equipment consultation.

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