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Used Fitness Equipment Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Abused

Used. Gently Used. Hardly Used. Second hand. Previously owned. All of these expressions—even if it is at subconscious level—raise the question: Is there something wrong with it? You may be getting a deal but does the cost justify the risk?

It is no different when it comes to used fitness equipment.circuit training

Perhaps it should be stated now that “used” (although good for brevity’s sake) can be a misleading term when referring to pre-owned fitness equipment. The difference in terminology is subtle, but worth noting. Used fitness equipment is different than refurbished equipment, which is again different than remanufactured equipment.

A blank check is a nice proposition when purchasing equipment; but for those with budgetary constraints, the juice can well be worth the squeeze when looking at the viability of used fitness equipment both in saving a significant amount of money and still finding quality equipment. Of course, doing your homework and researching your used fitness equipment is a key component of making sure that you get exactly what you are looking for and what you can expect when you get it.

There is a science to the business of used fitness equipment. Generally, trade-ins on fitness equipment (similar to the automobiles) happen within 3 years for cardio equipment and 5 years for strength equipment. has an interesting article from Fitness Management magazine that highlights the how and where some fitness equipment companies acquire their equipment as well as the refurbishing process that cardio equipment undergoes.

It almost goes without saying, but buying brand names is advisable and a better long-term investment especially so with anything that involves electronics. You may pay less for the inexpensive off-brand but you will more often than not reap the benefits in the long run by choosing the recognized name.

And when it comes to actually buying the equipment, you can roll the dice and use eBay or Craigslist, or opt for one of the numerous sites and warehouses that specialize in used fitness equipment. A key piece of advice worth remembering if you are looking to purchase from one of these dealers, is that the site or staff are forthcoming with the process the equipment undergoes before it is resold.

It is a trained eye and keen exerciser that can discern a new piece of equipment from a certified pre-owned piece of equipment. The potential savings (30-75%) from incorporating quality pre-owned fitness equipment into your facility could be reinvested into other facets of the business serving to drive in additional revenue while still offering quality to your clientele.

At enerG Wellness, we make sure that our pre-owned fitness equipment is certified. All of our machines are from leading manufacturers, and have been inspected, refurbished and are guaranteed to be better than other used fitness equipment, offering quality commercial grade cardio and strength equipment at more affordable prices.

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