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Pre-Owned Fitness Equipment: Things to Consider

Precor circuit training coursePre-owned fitness equipment has many advantages when opening or refreshing a fitness facility. Deciding that budgetary benefits of using pre-owned fitness equipment is the better option has both upsides (capital outlay) and downsides (customer satisfaction and competitors’ advantages).

But once you have made the decision to opt for pre-owned fitness equipment in your facility, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

As we noted in a previous post, there is a distinction in what type of pre-owned fitness equipment is available.

Used fitness equipment is generally of the garden “as is” variety. No warrantee, no guarantee, no return.

Remanufacturing is the complete overhaul process from start to finish and is usually for machines that are over two years old. Make sure you are informed as to what is involved in the disassembling, manufacturer specifications and re-assembling process.

Refurbished equipment is usually performed on machines that are less than two years old. Manufacturer-refurbished fitness equipment is usually more stringently inspected and has a longer warranty than dealer-refurbished equipment. Check to see if the warranty covers refurbished parts and whether they will be replaced or repaired.

In general it is good practice to be aware of what your warranties entail no matter where you get them. In some instances companies will still honor the original manufacturers warranty.

Look at well-built, established name brands, like Precor, FreeMotion and Stairmaster. They may cost a little more, but based on consistency in quality and longevity their reputation is well founded for a reason.

When properly cared for and serviced on schedule, even pre-owned machines will keep on ticking for quite a while after you get them on your exercise floor.

Go beyond the reviews. A little intensive research goes a long way. Get to know everything you can about the equipment, pluses and minuses, before you opt for a particular model.

Contact the manufacturer to make sure that equipment parts are still available and that the company is still in business. Also, determine whether or not you can ship the equipment back to its origin upon inspection if it is not what you had agreed to purchase.

Consider a fitness equipment consultation with established experts. Their experience with multiple brands and models can be invaluable in helping you to determine if the equipment is right for your goals and requirements.

At enerG Wellness, we make sure that our pre-owned fitness equipment is certified. All of our machines are from leading manufacturers and have been inspected, refurbished, and are guaranteed to be better than other used fitness equipment, offering quality commercial grade cardio and strength equipment at more affordable prices.

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