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The Influence of Technology in Fitness Equipment and Facilities

Technology—a big part of exercise experienceA 2012 survey of regular exercisers who owned a smartphone or tablet yielded some interesting results regarding the importance of technology in fitness. One of the findings was that almost two thirds felt access to a fitness facility and technology was more likely to help them successfully attain fitness goals.

From something as basic as flat screens on gym walls, technology has become an integral feature of modern fitness facilities. So much so that rather than just being a nifty extra, it can be a determining factor for where exercisers will spend their fitness dollars (the same survey determined that 33% would chose a gym with better technology, like internet access, if price and location were comparable).

Technological additions to fitness equipment are beneficial in many ways. They can both motivate exercisers (by tracking progress or goal completion) as well as make the fitness experience more enjoyable (through access to personal content or other forms of entertainment).

Purists may not be sold on the need for technology, but there is evidence that something as simple as being able to access an exerciser’s personal content is a spur that pushes them to exercise more.

The increased emphasis on technology to enhance the fitness experience has led to healthy competition amongst fitness equipment manufacturers who have come up with some creative entertainment and interactive features.

Companies like Interactive Fitness whose stationary bike, the Expresso, takes exercisers on as many as 40 different types of virtual reality courses with real steering and shifting as well as resistance based on the terrain. An internal Internet connection helps exercisers to remember and chart their progress as well as share it via social media.

Precor is another brand that is continues to lead fitness equipment through innovative design and technological integration. Along with their Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) and Personal Entertainment Player (PEP) options, they have also introduced networked fitness through their Precor Preva technology.

The interconnection of soft and hardware offers exercisers an improved exercise experience (with modern touch screen functionality to personal entertainment options, internet browsing, workout personalization and tracking) while simultaneously allowing facility operators to improve equipment management, increase retention and drive revenue.

With the variety of technology solutions for fitness equipment and facilities available, your needs can be tailored to meet with budget and goals. At enerG wellness, we understand and appreciate the importance of the inclusion of technology. We leverage our partnerships with leading brands and utilize our facility set-up expertise to ensure that your vision and particular goals are met with professionalism, creativity and minimum hassle to keep you on the competitive edge.

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