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Music and Exercise: Fitness at Full Blast

Music and fitnessAs far back as 1911, research determined that music and exercise were linked. But you could look back centuries to discover that many civilizations already understood the motivational effect of music on physical activity.

Whether it motivates, detracts or inspires, music has become an integral part of a fitness routine. Losing yourself in the music is an actual effect. Comprehensive studies indicate that music has a dissociation effect for reduced perception of effort and it distracts people from pain and fatigue. It has also been shown to elevate mood, increase endurance, and could be a factor in promoting metabolic efficiency.

So is there a best type of music for exercise? Science might offer some insights as to why you like Metallica for chest days and Kanye on the circuit. The depth and breadth of research regarding music and exercise is impressive (and may have the occasional differing idea) but it seems that 120 beats per minute (bpm) is the preferred rhythm tempo.

It is also optimal for lower-intensity exercises that require between 30-70% of maximum heart rate. But you bump that up to 80% and exercisers like that bpm to jump to 120-150 bpm.

Is one type of music better than another? A recent survey of college students indicated that hip hop topped the list of preferred music for exercise followed by rock and pop. If you look at some of the “best music to exercise to lists” on the Internet, ranging anywhere from top 10 to top 100, there is a visceral outpouring in the opinions and comments. Different strokes for different strokes folks, indeed. But researchers might also have some suggestions as to what moves you best.

Apart from tempo, rhythm response is a key factor in the efficacy of music and exercise. Both personal preference and cultural influence are responsible for this response. And rather than something that either just thumps or bumps, the emotional effect of association or memory also plays a part in an exerciser’s increased levels of endurance and motivation.

Researchers have also determined that synchronizing exercise with music result in a more efficient use of energy by reducing unnecessary effort and steadying the exercise’s pace.

Trainers and instructors have long chosen their music carefully in order to get the most from class participants. Of course, that process has been made easier with the emergence of apps (like jog fm) that sync the music’s beats per minute (BPM) to a targeted heart rate.

At enerG wellness, we understand the importance of music in fitness. We also appreciate the importance of an enhanced and maximized listening experience for your clients.

It is why we provide a wide offering of fitness equipment from leading brands complete with entertainment solutions as well as entertainment systems with comprehensive AV and IT solutions including sound systems, lighting solutions, networking services and audio visual equipment.

Contact one of our professional staff today to discover how we can help to customize your specific entertainment needs within your fitness center.


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