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How an Office Fitness Center Can Benefit Your Company

business people in gymIt’s pretty widely accepted that a more active lifestyle translates into a healthier one. It is why more and more employers are realizing that this move toward a healthy workforce can be turned into actual ROI for the company making it less of a “can I afford this” question and more of “can I afford not to do this” proposition.

Productivity is one of those benefits of an office fitness center. Getting more out of your staff roughly translates to a healthier bottom line. A healthier employee is generally more energetic, is less prone to illness and stress (meaning fewer sick days), has a better self-image and an improved sense of well being. A healthy body is a healthy mind as the adage goes.

So other than that endorphin release, are there tangible benefits of an office fitness center? The associated cost of Health Insurance for one. According to a Washington Post article, wellness programs resulted in lowered medical costs ($3.27 for every dollar spent). The absenteeism costs also dropped (by about $2.73 for every dollar spent).

Additonally, estimated that by 2018 the average annual cost in medical bills for obese individuals will be $2,460 more that that of their healthier counterparts and the increased health care cost for obesity will be some $344 billion.  Healthier employees can mean lower health-care costs, which can lead to lower premiums.

A fitness center at the office means that those who work out in the morning are less likely to be late and those that work out in the afternoon are less likely to leave early to try and beat traffic. Basically, there is more time spent in the office. It can also lead to an enhanced esprit de corps amongst those who workout together and sometimes less turnover.

Some companies offer gym memberships, essentially offshoring their employees’ fitness needs while driving up their own business expense. And despite this opportunity, many won’t take advantage of the offer.

With the benefit of an office fitness center in house, the excuse of not having the time or energy to travel to the gym is effectively removed by introducing something that experts on sharecare repeatedly point to as a big factor in getting people into the gym—convenience. It also lends itself to forming a routine and, as a result, an increased likelihood of repetition.

But more than simply providing the facilities, it is equally important for a company to create a culture of health, encouraging all—not just those who already value fitness—to take those steps toward overall health.

Cultivating that healthy ethos can be aided by allowing for it (with slightly more flexible and fluid lunch hours) and incentivizing it. Setting up fitness contests with goals and challenges that culminate in a reward (or award) can go a long way in spurring employees to get healthier.

Leveraging our experience and fitness partnerships, enerG wellness is well positioned to help create a unique onsite fitness experience is for our mid-Atlantic corporate partners. No matter the size or need, we proudly transform spaces into unique fitness facilities that differentiate and drive the type of ROI and ROE (Return on Energy) that result in real revenue for businesses.

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