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Fitness Facilities: Beauties and the Beasts

enerG showcase fitness facility strength roomThe fitness landscape is fairly well stocked with some 30,000 facilities available to those looking to get in shape. They range from corporate gyms to boutiques, and from full amenity top-of-the-range fitness equipment manors to dumbbell-and-speedbag sweatboxes catering to the workout needs and exercise ideologies of gym goers.

Matching budget, needs and vision is something we at enerG wellness know very well. Having served industries ranging from medical facilities to corporate, we approach each facility with the mindset that these aren’t just exercise spaces for our customers but rather represent a unique vision and opportunity for business differentiation. 

Spin Studio for class-style workouts In adopting our 360° approach, we have created some showcase facilities along the way. One of which—the 1800 M St. in Washington, D.C.—features treadmills, Adaptive Motion Trainers (so you can run, jump and glide your way to being the model of health) and ellipticals as well as fully stocked strength room.

Additionally, all the cardio fitness equipment is fitted with P80 touch screens, complete with iPod and iPhone capabilities. And if you need a classroom environment to get you moving, the facility also offers a spin classroom and yoga studio.

Cardio Fitness Equipment with P80 touchscreens

Enjoy P80 touch screen convenience

As onsite fitness center designers, equippers and maintainers, we appreciate the efforts and imagination put into creating facilities, so we have highlighted some of the most expensive, innovative and hardcore facilities in the U.S.

E at Equinox — New York City, New York

If working out in the lap of luxury is the place for you and cost is no object, then E at Equinox can accommodate your expensive fitness tastes. But it will set you back anywhere from $19-21,000/year in membership dues.

It buys you unlimited training sessions (and the choice of who gives them to you) as well as a sports science expert who very closely monitors all of the factors contributing to your daily health (like body composition and metabolic rates). You also get your own private cool down cabana and freshly laundered workout gear.

Green Microgym — Portland, Oregon

This innovative eco-conscious gym is a testament to the power of sweat. This facility takes gain from your pain by harnessing the energy from the fly wheels in the high-tech fitness machines (exercise bikes and ellipticals specifically) and recycles it back into electricity that is then used to power up the facility itself. So if you’ve got clean energy to burn, this green gym is the place for you.

I Am CrossFit — Miami, Florida

CrossFit has more than found a niche, it has become a global phenomenon, boasting some 5,000 boxes (their handle for a gym) worldwide. They aren’t a one-size-fits-all proposition either with varying setups (some are in 200-year-old buildings), vibes and specializations available all under the CrossFit umbrella.

The I Am CrossFit in Miami covers a lot of space (20,000 sq. ft) as well exercise bases. It has something for everyone with nutrition and kids classes. It also hosts an inter-region Summer Crush Games and participates in social consciousness events—like Barbells for Boobs—to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Super Training Gym — Sacramento, California

Then there are your traditional hardcore gyms where old-school weightlifting happens and iron is king. Visionary Athletes put together a top 10 hardcore gyms in America list., and Golds Gym in Venice is on the list—as is Super Training Gym in Sacramento CA.

Around since 2006, in March 2008 Men’s Health put Super Training Gym on their 30 best gyms in America list. Owner Mark Bell also invented the Sling Shot to increase bench press while offering more shoulder protection.

There are numerous other top-notch facilities around the country, but to find out how we can help turn your Mid-Atlantic fitness facility vision into a reality, contact one of our experienced staff members.

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