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Fitness Equipment Servicing and Preventative Maintenance

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And it is especially true for fitness equipment. Equipment represents a sizable expense and proper care can help to get the most out of a long-term asset helping your budget and bottom line.

Diligent and proper preventive maintenance of exercise equipment has many benefits. It:

  • NRG_Maintenance1improves safety

  • reduces the likelihood of liability

  • improves equipment’s performance quality

  • decreases operating costs

  • minimizes downtime

  • fulfills warrantee obligations

Safety is a vital component of fitness equipment in facilities. Insurance providers will make that plain. And we may chuckle at a video of a jogger coming off second best to a moving treadmill, but there is nothing humorous about the costs of fitness equipment malfunction for facility owners. From downtime to lawsuits, the cost of maintenance is a lot cheaper than that of settling a lawsuits or non-functioning equipment.

Preventative maintenance is its own kind of insurance. It is not a guarantee that fitness equipment won’t fail nor that downtime will be fully avoided. But catching any issues that could cause failure prior to them happening will at least minimize your downtime as well as potential injury and litigation. A non-functioning piece of equipment represents an unused asset and a potential irritant to your clients.

Replacing those parts that are showing wear can reduce the knock-on effect of damage to other parts thereby reducing additional repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

enerG wellness maintenanceManufacturers have a recommended guideline for the intervals and types of scheduled maintenance. Following those recommendations is a healthy habit to get into. And healthier to keep detailed up-to-date records of the maintenance schedule.

There are also some simple steps that will help to improve the the overall look and longevity of fitness equipment. Something as simple as a daily cleaning (including dust, sweat, and occasionally tears) and installing surge protectors can stop power surges and prevent electrical damage.

As one of the many leading services we provide to onsite fitness centers in the Mid-Atlantic, enerG wellness offers Rejuvenation Plans that will minimize downtown and increase safe and long-term usage.

Our manufacturer-certified fitness equipment technicians proactively care for equipment for optimal performance helping to reduce some of the stress and costs of equipment ownership. Contact one of our professional staff to learn more about our preventative maintenance programs.

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