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CT8: Revolutionizing Functional and Customizable Fitness Equipment

CT8 Fitness MachineSpring is great time to recalibrate exercise goals. This time of year often reinvigorates those who are excited about the chance to take their calorie burning and muscle building back outdoors after spending the colder months working out indoors.

Enter TuffStuff’s CT-8 Training system. This high-quality tubular steel adult version of a jungle gym brings a little bit of the playground back into fitness and exercise. And with it’s durability, it has the capacity to be able to get you back onto the playground outdoors, too.

It is anything but play time with this machine, though, bringing a serious workout for exercisers of all ages and levels of fitness.

The modular design of the training system offers facility owners the flexibility of choosing any number of exercising options that fits both their space and programmatic needs.

With functional, cross and circuit training capabilities, the CT-8 system can be tailored to accommodate individual programs as well as expanded for groups and boot camp style workouts.

The scalability of the modular design also adds innovative space saving to the equation, allowing owners to size the machine to fit the available fitness space.

The Base Trainer unit (CT-80000B Base Fitness Trainer) weighs in at around 1000lb and comes with a 10-year frame and weld warranty. It comes standard with 6 stations (which includes two customizable modular additions).

The Elite Trainer option (CT-8100E) expands on the base, offering two additional modular stations. Each option has with a range of accessories and stations that can be purchased separately allowing each facility to tailor and switch out according to the facility’s needs.

For example, the Battle Rope Training Module (CT-8230) offers a unique option to exercisers. Using a range of starting and resistance points to develop everything from the hands to back and legs to shoulders, it checks a lot of boxes for the functional training aficionados.

Another adaptive feature for the modern exerciser is the Multi-Strap Training Boom (CT-8320). The boom accommodates the CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight trainer for the new strap and suspension-based exerciser looking to add rotational movement and instability for increased balance and agility.

At enerG fitness and wellness solutions, we approach all of our onsite fitness center partnerships in the mid-Atlantic with a keen eye for dynamic solutions through quality products and services from leading brands in the fitness industry.

Building our business around our customers’ unique needs—from equipment consultation to delivery and installation—we aligned our resources to deliver a customized fitness and wellness solution for your business to maximize your R.O.I. and your R.O.E.—the return on your energy.

Contact one of our representatives to see how we can help you realize your dream facility.

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