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Busy Body: Getting Fitness into Your Schedule

Fitness ScheduleBusy is a terrific 21st century buzz word. It covers pretty much every condition in modern society. Artwork is busy, lifestyles are busy, phones are usually busy. And yes, for nearly everyone, schedules are busy.

So trying to get fit on a busy schedule between conference calls from the west coast, kids that need to go to soccer practice and the dinner date scheduled two months in advance is an exercise (pun intended) in bending the laws of time and space.

But it doesn’t need to be. As a busy executive, wife, father or socialite, driving past your fitness facility in a heated rush needn’t induce regret or guilt. You can still ensure that you get some fitness into your busy schedule.

Speed is the name of the game to get fit on a busy schedule. If you can’t commit to the 1-hour regimen, you’d be surprised what you can accomplish between sending the confirmation email from your smart phone and putting the finishing touches on the kids’ spaghetti.

If you don’t have any weights to swing around or you can’t commit to dusting off the elliptical in the basement, the bodyweight workout routine is a great way to get a 20-25 minute high intensity workout in.

The website,, offers a quick but comprehensive bodyweight workout for men to get fit on a busy schedule. Ranging from tin men to wall walkouts, the workout incorporates fitness techniques that suit those on the go—high-intensity and speed.

Women’s Health has an on-the-go workout for women getting fit on a busy schedule. Using a four-exercise regimen that relies on the same bodyweight principle, it promises to “build muscle and get your heart pumping in as little as 24 minutes.”

Of course, actually performing the fitness routine requires more than just saying you will. Adopting tactics to ensure you will is important, too. Ex-SEAL, Brent Gleeson, blends his training and the SEAL ethos in penning his 5 Ways Busy Executives Can Stay Fit article.

More a list of action items than a regimen, he advocates that working out in the morning, working out with a partner, committing to a challenge, investing in training and being disciplined are methods to successfully get fit on a busy schedule.

Brent Gleeson puts it best when he says, “By training your body you train your mind.”  Getting fit, whether you are busy or not, is something that we at enerG wellness view with the utmost importance, and especially so if it is made more difficult by schedules.

enerG wellness’ mission to become the preeminent partner for fitness, wellness and technology solutions guides more than our business dealings, it is an ethos that guides our commitment to fitness excellence.

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