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Biking Indoors: The Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Whether going outdoors to do your biking or staying indoors, the benefits of this form of heart- and joint-healthy exercise make it a great way to burn calories and stay safe. Of course, scientists and fitness experts alike recommend outdoor exercise for both its physical and psychological benefits, but sometimes that is not an option.

What are the benefits of indoor cycling?


It almost goes without saying, even if it isn’t on a stationary bicycle, time spent regularly performing aerobic exercise does wonders for your immune system and mood,  and reduces blood pressure, heart disease and body fat.

For cycling there are some additional plusses. Benefits include:

  • Increased bone density
  • better posture (through stabilizer muscle improvement)
  • aerobic development
  • muscular and cardiovascular endurance
  • muscular strength
  • leg speed improvement
  • threshold or anaerobic benefits

Riding a bike is a great stress reliever, too. It can produce the same endorphins (which have also been shown to prop up the immune system) that are triggered in a runner’s high.

And then there’s not having to compete with other moving vehicles and the risk that being in traffic or a spill on your bike can pose.

Cycling is a non-load bearing, low-impact option for those people that have nagging, lower extremity joint pains or are recovering from injuries.

The Burn

A 60-minute workout at a good pace can be the equivalent of 15-20 miles on the street, and can help you burn as many as 800 calories. If 45 minutes is all you can spare, not to worry, you’re still going to burn 450-600 calories.


Whether the weather be good, or whether it be bad, your indoor cycle will perform at peak levels for you. With a controlled environment, you will also have one less roadblock to stop you from exercising.

One thing worth remembering is that without the wind-cooling effect aiding evaporation, riders will have higher body temperatures in general. A well-ventilated room (or even fan cooled) is important to help regulate the temperature.

You can’t overlook the potential for increased motivation that a group setting brings, especially in a class. You look left, you look right, you have a couple of people sweating too. It’s a good way to push yourself by looking around.


As a byproduct of a regulated environment, you won’t have to second guess your choice of clothing, or pack spares in case of a weather change. Brightly colored, layered or otherwise—your choice of clothing is not something that you need to worry about.


Outdoor bikes can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Your gym membership will cover any maintenance that you would have to pour into your own bike.


Changing an inner tube, remembering a pump, calling a taxi, bathroom accessibility and even water fountains if you run out of water are all inconveniences that you won’t have to deal with. Nor will pushing your bike up a hill when you do get a flat tire.

enerG wellness offers a wide range of indoor bikes. With the useful “compare” function, our clients can see how the bikes stack up against one another and make a more informed choice when they are looking to stock their fitness facility.

Our knowledgeable staff is also on hand to help you make decisions based on our experience in creating and equipping facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

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