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Active Seniors: Choosing Fitness Equipment for Senior Living Centers

Active Seniors exercising  The importance of exercise in a balanced and healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated—and even more so amongst senior citizens. Increased inactivity is as much to blame for aging as getting older is—something that the Baby Boomers who have grown with the fitness industry know full well, and why they are joining facilities in increasing numbers to try and slow aging down.

Traditional fitness equipment doesn’t always fit the bill as joints, muscles and bones age as well as a lessened ability to perform at intense levels. Weights can negatively impact joints and muscles, while traditional cardio machines might represent too much of a strain on weakened knees and lower joints.

It is why the choice and type of fitness equipment that caters to this age group becomes of increased importance, not only in making exercise possible but also making exercise accessible and even enjoyable.

Understanding this becomes the primary factor in determining the types of fitness equipment for Senior Living Centers and fitness facilities that cater to active senior citizens. Identifying companies (like SciFit) who understands and cater to the particular requirements that predominate populations like senior citizens is good place to start.

Recumbent bikes are a great source of aerobic exercise and one of the preferred pieces of cardio exercise equipment for senior citizens. They aren’t as hard on the lower joints as a treadmill while the seated back support is less rigorous on the lower back and distributes pressure more evenly.

Ellipticals are another excellent piece of cardio equipment for senior citizens. They incorporates the benefits of walking or running without the heavier joint impact that stepping onto a hard surface involves and also adds in upper body conditioning with the extra resistance of the handles.

Of course strength training—with exercises like the lat pulldown, seated row and preacher curl—is still an important part of senior exercising for muscle tone and joint strengthening.

Relying on tension rather than on weights, rubber or cord resistance bands are popular and effective. Amongst their numerous advantages (like developing muscle tone and improving overall balance and coordination), dropping a rubber band on an extremity versus a weight goes without saying.

Pneumatic and hydraulic exercise equipment is an alternative to weight stack machines for senior citizens that can offer a more fluid and concentric muscle movement and less of a stressor to older moving parts.

It is always recommended that senior citizens talk to health care providers prior to starting any exercise routine. Preventing injury and understanding limitations will go a long way toward better overall health.

Senior living centers is one of the industries that enerG wellness, a leading fitness equipment provider, services in the mid-Atlantic. The extensive experience gained by our professional team in designing, equipping and maintaining onsite fitness centers has helped us to appreciate and accommodate the particular and unique requirements inherent for all the industries that we serve—which is instrumental in helping enerG wellness to reflect your vision as well as make a positive impact.

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