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Precor – Rotary Torso

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A unique ratcheting system on the C-Line Rotary Torso easily adjusts the start position so users can move efficiently into their workout. Arm, seat and back pad position secures the user and maximizes oblique muscle engagement.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 50″ x 54″ x 59″

Machine Weight: 451 lbs

DSL_Line_Brochure_US_011514  DSL_Line_Brochure_US_011514

Precor-DSL-Rotary Torso-WEB-01062015  Precor-DSL-Rotary Torso-WEB-01062015

DSL Rotary Torso Lit Kit_11-2014 EN  DSL Rotary Torso Lit Kit_11-2014 EN

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Weight 100 lbs


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