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Precor – Bicep Curl

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Ease-of-use and reliability are core attributes of the C-Line Bicep Curl. The ratcheting gas-assisted seat adjusts to fit a wide range of users. Handle grips are angled for proper exercise mechanics.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 47″ x 44″ x 59″

Machine Weight: 434 lbs

Precor-DSL-Biceps Curl-WEB-01062015  Precor-DSL-Biceps Curl-WEB-01062015

DSL Biceps Curl Lit Kit_11-2014 EN  DSL Biceps Curl Lit Kit_11-2014 EN

DSL_Line_Brochure_US_011514  DSL_Line_Brochure_US_011514


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