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Why Do People Join Gyms?

The recommendation coming from the Department of Health and Human Services is that an adult engages in at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity and that you strength train all major muscle groups twice a week. Those are generally accepted recommendations, but why are people getting up at ungodly hours […]

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Little Groups, Big Gains: Small Group Training

Exercise is a fluid thing. It changes and evolves, constantly reinventing itself to stay fresh enough to find new followers. The trends that govern its popularity are usually charted according to their popularity. Coming in at number 6 in ACE’s 10 Fitness Trends To Look Out For In 2016 is Small Group Fitness. In ACE’s […]

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Tricks and Treats: A Halloween Workout List

The Scary Truth About Candy Halloween is more or less the holiday season kick off, where vast amounts of food that we are told to take it easy on is consumed at a record pace. So what does that mean for eating on Old Hallow’s Eve? According to, some 3.4lbs per person of candy […]

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Top 5 Medicine Ball Workouts

As part of enerG wellness’ commitment to keeping exercisers and our clients in the know, our fitness experts have put together another fantastic workout—this time using a medicine ball for a full-body workout.   Medicine balls (and the exercises that use them) are considered more of the “old school” variety. But oldies can be goodies. […]

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Shoulder injury from fitness

Most Common Fitness Injuries

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or rank beginner, if you’ve been in a fitness facility for any length of time, a workout-related injury at some point is probably on the cards. These workout injuries can range from something as simple a slight strain to a full tear—and many others on a list of possible workout-induced […]

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File it Under Healthy: Exercising at Your Desk

The desk workout has come a long way since the grip strengthener of the 70s and 80s. Then there’s the 30 minute or 10 exercise (or 33 from if you’re feeling inspired) gym-less workout that you can do on your lunch break. In fact, it’s now gotten to the point where you don’t have […]

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