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Man crawls mud Obstacle Course Race

Hurdling Boring Exercises: Obstacle Course Races and Training For Them

“Obstacle courses” can be traced back to Ancient Greece and the pentathlon. The multidisciplined nature of the five events required a more rounded type of exercise, equipment, and training. Since the inception of American Ninja Warrior (or Sasuke as the competition’s originator, Japan, knows it), this type of competition has become a national industry in […]

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Man exercising using a sandbag

Getting “Farm Strong”: Functional Strength and Endurance

There is a real nostalgia around agriculture. The hard day’s work where honest toil doubles for natural conditioning. For many exercisers, it embodies the hard-to-replicate au natural workout where exercise equipment is everyday work implements. Farming, even with the advent of mechanization and technological advancements, is still a physically demanding job. Most of the “workouts” […]

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Women with an injury in a fitness facility holding her knee

Avoiding Injury on Exercise Equipment

62,700. That was the number of people injured on exercise equipment, reported in a 2014 study by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. The internet is littered with videos of treadmill mishaps. Some are less likely to get a laugh than others. Most of them are a result of not observing best (or even […]

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Athletic woman ready to run with energy pack on her back

Greening Up Your Gym: Energy Use and Your Facility

Limiting carbon footprints and becoming more energy efficient has predominated the business scape for a while now. Gyms are no different. Becoming more eco-conscious is something that fitness facilities and their clientele are now taking very seriously. It makes sense, really. After all, the fitness industry is dedicated to health and vitality. Gyms are perfectly […]

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Gymtimidated? Don’t Let it Weigh You Down

Gymtimidation. It may sound like a funny portmanteau, but for many gym-goers, it is cause for concern. It’s more than a clever marketing ploy because if you ask any gym goer, there is a pretty good chance that they have felt it at one stage or another of their exercising lives. As user-friendly as machines are, […]

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