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7 Important Questions To Ask (Before You Open Your Gym)

So you’re looking to open your own gym. You’ve been to at least a thousand fitness facilities from the “Big Box” Chains to your buddy’s customized garage gym. In your travels you have probably thought, “if I owned this place, I would (insert brilliant idea here), and the clients will be lining up around the corner….” […]

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Shirtless man doing pull-up exercises outdoors

Top 10 List of Summer Outdoor Workouts

It’s summer. You’ve spent a lot of time sweating inside the same four walls, so it’s time to get outside and share some of your calories with Mother Nature.  No, it doesn’t mean that you need to drag your Adaptive Motion Trainer onto the lawn, (although there would be some therapeutic benefits to it). If […]

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Am I Overtraining?

Defined in this Rice University paper as “the name given to the emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms due to overtraining that has persisted for weeks to months,” overtraining is more often than not the culmination of inadequate amounts of rest after heavy workouts at high intensities. This article, Overtraining: Myths, Facts and Fantasies offers some insights […]

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Biking Indoors: The Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Whether going outdoors to do your biking or staying indoors, the benefits of this form of heart- and joint-healthy exercise make it a great way to burn calories and stay safe. Of course, scientists and fitness experts alike recommend outdoor exercise for both its physical and psychological benefits, but sometimes that is not an option. […]

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