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Breaking the Law of Diminishing Returns

You might have some members who are slow starters at your fitness facility, but you will have other clientele who won’t want to leave—those exercisers who believe that more workouts will lead to better results. But in fact, exercising too much is a real—and potentially dangerous—problem. The adage that “hard work pays off” can cease to be true […]

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Cooling Down: Pamper Yourself Post Workout

After a grueling workout at your favorite fitness facility, it’s OK to spoil yourself a little. In fact, a post-workout reward acknowledges your hard work, and motivates you to do it again. This goes a long way toward establishing healthy exercise habits and avoiding burnout. If you have a little extra time or money, here […]

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Precor's EFX 885 Elliptical Trainer with CrossRamp technology®

CrossRamp® Technology: Elevate Your Results

As part of their dedication to continually push the fitness equipment and technological borders, Precor innovated the CrossRamp® Technology for use on their range of Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers (or EFX). The patented technology allows automated, variable incline control that allows the user to create workouts that target various muscle groups in the lower body while […]

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Exhausted man on workout bench

I Just Can’t Workout: Overreaching or Overtraining?

The two terms have become synonymous in today’s exercising world, but the two conditions carry different outcomes for modern athletes and exercisers. The truth is, very few gym-goers will experience true overtraining. But it has become the go-to diagnosis for any exercisers that are experiencing fatigue or reduced output (or desire) for any period of […]

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Women using foam roller for Myofascial release

Self Myofascial Release: A DIY Guide to Relieving Muscle Pain

When you’re experiencing pain or discomfort from a serious workout, sometimes the best medicine comes from your bare hands. Myofascial release is a safe and effective technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure to the connective tissues to ease pain and increase mobility. A professional can perform it, or you can do it yourself. What […]

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Two women signing up for a gym membership

Turn Your Trial Gym Customers Into Paying Members

As a fitness facility owner, you are aware that exercisers have many options about how and where to work out. You’ve gotten over the first hurdle and people are coming through your doors. But how do you convert them into paying members? Free or Discount? A free trial period with full access to your gym’s services […]

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Young boy and fitness trainer using weights in a fitness facility

Kids in Shape: Getting Youngsters Active

The CDC reported in 2012 that the rate of obesity in children ages 6-11 had more than doubled (from 7-18%) from 1980 to 2012, with one-third of American children and adolescents being considered overweight or obese. Although diet plays a part in the statistics, lack of exercise is another large contributing factor. The good news […]

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Exercise addiction leads to exhausted man hunched over

Addicted to Exercise? Here’s How You Know

Is being addicted to exercise even possible? According to researchers it is. An estimated 0.4% of the population will display the type of compulsive behavior that signifies exercise addiction. The physical, mental and emotional benefits of regular exercise are pretty well documented. The sheer weight of information—academic and anecdotal—from a quick Google search on the benefits […]

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Young athletic woman beating the summer workout heat in the city with a drink of water

An Exercise in Beating the Summer Heat

Working out outside has some clear advantages over a session at the gym. Outdoor exercise offers scenery and fresh air that can invigorate you during your workout. It usually offers more challenging terrain, too. Summer isn’t over yet, and with it the days of scorching heat and potent sun can be uncomfortable and even dangerous […]

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